Thursday, March 25, 2010

While She Was Out


I never thought I would still have a roommate at 36.  However, mine is the BEST - second only to a future hubby.  She is sweet, helpful, caring and compassionate.  Living with her is easy.  Case in point - we have shared a bathroom for FIVE years and never had a conflict.  How does that happen with two women? 

Last year, she was in St. Lucia doing some missions work.  She was going through a hard time and was living in a cramped little bedroom piled high with junk.  I started to concoct a plan.  What if I redid her room while she was gone?  I had two weeks.  Her furniture was green/yellow whitewashed furniture. I asked her what color she would choose if she could. She said, "Black."  I started noticing the patterns she was drawn to when she bought purses, scarves, pictures, etc.  Then, I mapped out a plan. 

Unfortunately, I do not have before pictures.  WHY?! WHY?!  I didn't want to paint the walls but (with the help of my friend, Brad), I did paint the furniture and get new bedding, a new rug, and a new bench for more storage. Here she is seeing the room for the first time:

And here is the room - well, the bed at least.  The pictures are just black and white frames with red wallpaper inside. I figured she could change them quickly and easily when inspired.  The bedding is from WalMart.  Bed in a bag, baby.  The comforter is actually super soft and comfortable and was a STEAL.

Here is a bigger shot of the room (the room is tiny so it's hard to get it in).  The bench came from Stein Mart and is perfect for extra books, magazines, her hair blow dryer (she gets ready in her room).  If you notice the dresser in the corner, I added white knobs to the black furniture to keep with the black and white theme...otherwise, the dresser was too plain.  The rug is from Target.  Love Target!

This was so much fun to do myself that I wish I had 100 rooms to decorate. I know it's not high dollar design but it looks pulled together, is well-organized, cheerful and MOST OF ALL - comfortable.  She loved it. She cried! Then she crashed after two weeks of helping orphans - she deserved it!

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  1. That is really sweet AND you did a great job! Beth looks so happy!!