Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Times

Today is a down day. It really is pathetic why. I am having an ugly pity party. I don't like pity parties so instead I have decided to reflect on a much better party - my 30th birthday party. My favorite party ever - well, other than family birthday parties when I was little and Mom made my favorite food and everyone was around the dinner table. I could go to some of the most exotic places in the world but my favorite memories will always involve my family around the dinner table.

My favorite ADULT birthday party was my 30th birthday party - a luau. This party was almost seven years ago and I still remember it with fondness. My friend went all out. Two of my best friends were married the same year and went to Hawaii on their honeymoons and recreated it for my birthday. First, they flew in an authentic double-orchid lei from Hawaii. That's love, people.

Then, they landscaped the food to look like Hawaii.  It was ridiculously fun.

I called my team the 'BLT' or Bethany Luau Team. They were not afraid to get dressed in their Hawaiian finest.

My sister flew in which was so isn't a major life event without my sister...she lives in a far off land...well, in the North at least.

And we had cake...lots and lots of cake.  Did I ever tell you that if you only gave me one choice of food at a party, I would choose cake? Good cake.  Delicious cake. The only thing that would have made this better was if my sister-in-law had made it. She makes the world's most delicious birthday cakes.  I dream about them.  She has a talent.  Unfortunately, she did not come and make cake because I think she had a toddler at this point and the chances of my brother letting her get on a plane and leave him with the three kids was slim to none at that point.  "Don't leave me with the babies!"  The rest of my friends could come and design such an elaborate party because their babies were yet to come. 

Now, wasn't that much better than a pity party?

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