Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Goods Goodies

Home Goods is a time warp.  What feels like five minutes is actually two hours of crackly pots, fluffy pillows, angel soft throws, sisal rugs, and nubby sweaters.  Home Goods is my Target.  I only go in if I have $100.00 and two hours to spare. I have spent countless hours there over the past three months. I am knee deep in a home redecoration project - one that I thought would take four weeks but has instead consumed the better part of three months.

It should have been simple - just the kitchen floor.  But wait!  The new floor must be coordinated with new countertops.  The new countertops clashed with the paint. The new paint clashed with the furniture.  The new furniture clashed with the placement of the light fixture.  What was once a snow ball redecorating project has rolled on to become Frosty the Snowman.  I can't lie - I was itching for this project.  I wanted it all to clash so I would have this project.  Now I want it finished so I can move on with my life. It's Spring.

This week's trip to Home Goods was for new placemats for my  new tablescape.  I spent an hour staring at the placemats.  I knew they weren't right but I kept standing there and staring, hoping against hope that what I needed would appear.  It never did.  Instead, I grabbed three bags of surprisingly delicious Dancing Deer Brownies for a dinner party on Tuesday.  These things were OUTRAGEOUSLY good.  Yes, I did open a bag and ate a brownie the size of my head.  I had to check out their website.  I paid less than half price for these gourmet bad boys.  Don't think I'm not going back and buying every last one of them.  A single girl with an active social life can never have too many go-to treats.

Maybe they'll have more placemats when I get there.  Maybe I'll just stand there for another hour to be sure. I'm single - I have the time.

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