Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Baking Writer

I did not realize that changing the color of my home would impact everything else in my home.  When I moved into my house five years ago, the living room was green and the dining room was red. I didn't have the money to paint. All of my decorating pieces were green and red.  Now my home is blush and chocolate brown and it is not really jiving with my green and red accent pieces. 

Poor me.  I have had to set out in search of new accent pieces. I want pieces that tell a story about me and I want them to invite my guests to sit and stay a spell. 

Below is a picture of two of my recent favorites.  The first is an old dough bowl.  I love to bake.  I would rather bake than do anything else in the world.  The second are the antique books bound with rough ribbon.  I am a writer and an editor.  Not just on this blog. In real life. That is my job. It is who I am.  I must write to relate to the world.  I love that they fit together because that is how I fit together. 

Amazingly enough, this is one of the first things people have noticed as they walk into my home.  Who knew  a dough bowl full of books would be such a draw!

I think I will go take a snooze on the white couch you see next to the bowl. It is a rainy Saturday and I am tuckered from a birthday party.  Nap on!

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