Monday, March 8, 2010

A Simple Treasure

I found this pot at Home Goods.  There are tons of them stuffed in the seashell section. Say that five times really fast. Seashell section. Seashell section. Seashell section. Seashell section. Seashell section. Thank God for speech therapy at a young age. No more lisp here. Why are there seashell sections everywhere these days? They used to be isolated to beach shoppes and coastal areas.  Now you can live in upstate New York and find a slew of beach shells. Sigggh..the globalization of the world.

I am not 100% sure this pot is seashells. It looks like mother of pearl edged in silver - seashells from another planet.  What drew me to it was the slight blue cast and the size.  It was screaming to be turned into a centerpiece on my dining room table.  Lilies. Roses. Mums.  It is the perfect height and size. It will not obstruct conversation nor will it take up precious table space needed for serving dinner.

You will never believe what is anchoring those flowers.  I will save that for my first 'how to' post. For now, let's just enjoy my first arrangement of lilies and roses. It's the beginning of Spring so I chose a soft peach - a color I swore I would never use after the 80s.  It seemed fitting.

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  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for inviting me to come by for a visit. You have a beautiful blog! And beautiful ideas!