Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Southern Spring

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.  Hang the Easter wreath.

Plod outside, sit in the grass and watch nature do its thing.

I cannot wait for it to really 'do its thang'.  I am blessed to live in a neighborhood with TONS of amazing trees.  When your house is 50 years old you get trees and your neighborhood looks like the animal kingdom. That comes with its own special challenges. Who needs aeration when the squirrels dig one inch holes all over your lawn looking for nuts?  Just throw those seed in and call it a day people. 

If you have never seen a Southern dogwood in full need to at least once in your life. Once won't be enough. That is exactly why Atlanta's popluation is RIDICULOUS. A short visit is never enough once you experience a Southern Spring.

Grab some sweet tea and sit a spell.  Y'all come back, too because we are just getting started.  Be prepared to be dazzled - it isn't just Southern women who shine.


  1. Is that your wreath? It is perfect. Lezlee

  2. It is my wreath - I did not make it. Honestly, I bought it on QVC from Valerie Parhill. I have a deficiency when it comes to wreaths - I have no idea why. I have tried to make tons and they always end up a little OFF. I am slightly obsessed with finding the right door decoration though..I think it sets the mood for what is inside!