Friday, March 12, 2010

Salad With a Side of Beautiful

Salad tastes better when it is served with a side of beautiful.  In this case, it is this beautiful little cruet.  It makes me want to build a salad so I can pour the dressing out of this dainty little container. I get excited when I see it in my refrigerator.

I love making new and creative salads.  I also love creating and trying new dressings. Pre-bottled dressing has lost its appeal to me. Between the preservatives, sugar, and questionable oils, I would prefer to make my own and know exactly what is in it.  I will post some of my favorite recipes in upcoming posts.  The one in this bottle is a balsalmic vinegarette dressing. Olive oil.  Balsalmic Vinegar.  (2 to 1 ratio).  Dried herbs and garlic to taste.  yummm...yummmm...yummm...

I also have a love affair with baby lettuce/herb mixtures. I love the peppery flair of argula.  Move past romaine, spinach, and iceberg into some of the baby lettuce/herb mixtures....but watch for slimy batches.  Those can ruin a salad mood faster than you can say, "Girl Scout Cookie". 

By the way, why am I not bothered by the preservatives in Girl Scout Cookies?  Something to ponder this Friday.

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