Friday, February 25, 2011

Daylight Shot

It looks better in the daylight...notice that I strategically shot so you can't see the stained areas of my

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rug on Carpet

I found a brand new Ballard Designs rug on Craigslist for $55.00. It's an outdoor rug but who will know?  I really needed to start to layer some texture and color into the room. I'm also struggling with carpet that desperately needs to be replaced but I can't afford to replace it right now. I plan to professionally clean it in the next couple of weeks to see if I can squeeze out another year before I replace it.  I really wish the person who redid this house before me had just done hardwoods throughout. Oh well.  On a budget and we'll work with what we have. When I replace the carpet, I will go darker.  Without a doubt.

Sorry for the lighting - it's really dark and I need to get this post up tonight.  I REALLY do need to work on the pillow situation for the couch.  Just too many things right now to do - the guest room is my first priority as my parents will be here for Easter.  Also, I need the white chair steam cleaned.  Guess I'll have that done with the carpet!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Well, I thought it would take 4 hours.  A friend told me that I should take my estimate and multiply it by 3. That is the truth in this case -- it took me 12 hours!

Here's the closet cleaned out:
Here are the shelves...why were they all different colors?!

I decided to paint the sides white and the back Classic Brown from Benjamin Moore.  I was going to use white paint I already had but it was FRIGHTENING when I opened it.  It was in my shed and I think it lost the battle with the extreme temperature changes.  No problem, hopped on up to the paint store for a can of white and I was off to the races.  Here we are in process:
Finally, here is the finished project. 

Wow is it organized! It helps that I got rid of most of what was in the closet. I'm in extreme clean mode. If I don't use it or haven't used it in a year, it's gone. Merciless. The clutter in my life is slowing me down. I want organization people! Down with clutter. Up with simplicity!
Oh yes, I had to do it in two parts...tiny bathroom. It really is irritating...but you'll get the jist! By the way, how many exclamation points did I use in this post? Holy Cow!!!!

Thank you to Traci at Beneath My Heart for the idea!!  One closet a weekend until my life is simplified.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem: Bathroom Closet Before

I live in a 1950s ranch. I love it.  The downside is it only has one bathroom. Apparently bathroom needs have drastically increased over the last 60 years. No one would build a house with just one bathroom now.  It's real estate suicide.  The bathroom is the size of a sardine can. Well, not really.  But it's small.  In fact, so small that I can't get a full picture of the bathroom closet. I can't get back far enough. 

I'll have to show it to you in segments.  It's worse than I thought. This picture reminds me of seedy 1970s movies that leave you feeling creepy.  How did it get so bad?  I am so ashamed of my closet.  The time has come.  Please don't always think of me this way.  Please come back and see the finished results tomorrow night.  I can't believe I'm about to show this.

I am fairly sure there is a professional organizer out there who just swooned.  I'm so sorry.  Here's one reason I have put this off. My towels are HORRIBLE.  Ratty. Tatty.  I need new towels. I don't want to spend money on towels but I bristle at the thought of doing a closet makeover and putting those ratty towels in there.  They don't fold well. They don't look good.  It's going on the list....but that won't happen this weekend.

What will happen this weekend is merciless discarding. Old medication.  Empty cleaning supplies.  Broken hair appliances. Old make-up cases. Old make-up.  Half used bottles of shower gel, bad shampoo, old self-tanner, and glycerin soap. I hate glycerin soap. It's a personal thing. If it smells good, it works perfectly as a sachet. Otherwise, no thank you.

Alright. I must do my day job - but this is where I'm spending my leisure time this weekend. Wish me well.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am going to start more home projects. That means this blog is a going concern, again. I realize I am the world's most inconsistent blogger. I am going to work on that..I swear!  This weekend, I am going to paint and organize my bathroom closet.  Please don't get too excited.  It's probably something only my Mom cares about..and I'm not 100% sure she cares about it.  Regardless, I'm doing it.

In the process, I am going to try out a new color for the bathroom.  When I moved in, I painted it a shade that I thought was a super soft, muted blue.  Nope, it's sky/baby blue.  Bright.  Not at all me.  I suppose I should have repainted it then but I had just paid a painter and I wasn't confident enough to try.  Now I am.  So, I figured I would try the new color in the closet.  What color? I have no idea but it is something I plan to figure out by Saturday. I can't spend weeks picking out paint colors - I could never justify that time to Jesus.  I will simply go, pick up a swatch book and go with my gut. 

It's how I roll.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Check Out This Blog

THIS is a great day in blog history.  Why?!  My dear friends, Luke and Laura, are now bloggers.  I have BEGGED them to be bloggers. Their taste is impeccable and they have amazing backgrounds that I can't share right this second because it's snowing and I have to get on the road.

I sooo wanted them to blog.  They are starting a new house project and you get to be in on it from the start.  They are just starting out so be kind - and helpful.  But PLEASE check them out.

Visit Luke and Laura at MagPie's Nest and follow them!