Friday, March 19, 2010

A Pop of Color

I am originally from a coastal town in Florida. I moved to Georgia in 1991.  There is a part of me that craves bright pops of color.  My home has become very neutral - shades of cream, blush, brown, etc.  I had a full can of sample paint from Benjamin Moore in Baby Blue.  Where in the world did I think I was going to put this color?  Why did I pay for a pint of this color? Anyone in Atlanta want some? I am happy to share.

I had to give my poor candlesticks one more makeover. This is number four. They started out dark brown, were painted silver for a dinner party, were painted gold for a Christmas display, and are now baby blue so I can have a pop of color. I think they may need a little something else. Any suggestions?  For my type A friends, I am so sorry about the leaning tower candle..I know you want to straighten it.

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