Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trouble Spots

Real Simple has a call out to readers called, "Show Us Your Mess".  Oh, I will show you my mess as soon as I get home and snap a picture of it. 

I am going to enter but only if that means they will send a crew to 'change my life' by organizing the doo out of it.  I have visions of their work in my:

Bedroom - I don't have a dresser. I need a dresser so I can get the 1980s Rubbermaid out of my closet.  I would just sit and stare at my underwear drawer if it looked like this:

That would then free space to organize my shoes so I could actually see them instead of falling to all fours to root around in my closet for 20 minutes every morning. That is why I am late to work - don't tell my boss.

Well, that's not totally true. I spend 10 minutes rooting around on my tip toes in my pseudo spice cabinet.  Where's the garlic salt for my eggs. Wait, it is behind the honey. Oh no, the honey is sticky. I stop, wash my hands, go back and touch the honey, AGAIN.  Wash the honey, Bethany. I stop, wash the honey and my hands.  I put it back, close the cupboard. Wait. Where's the garlic salt.  I take down the honey and discover the garlic salt is actually smoked paprika.  The garlic salt is nowhere to be found. Forget it. I'll have cereal. Wait, I have already whisked the eggs.  Ugh. If I had this spice cabinet, oh the life.

Keep this inspiration fresh in your mind. You might need it when you see how my areas look right now.

Photo credits:  All photos from Real Simple by William Abranowicz

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