Monday, March 15, 2010

Greek Chicken Soup

What did people do for recipes before the Internet?  Oh yes, cookbooks. The Internet has made me a better cook because I can read the recipe and comments from people who have made the recipe.  Their tweaks are invaluable.  A recent favorite recipe from the web is Greek Chicken Soup from Cathy Heck Studio.

This soup is delicious and economical.  I found a whole chicken on sale for $2.00 and only had to buy the lemons - so I made a huge pot of soup for about $3.00. 

The one change I made to the recipe was refrigerating the broth overnight to skim off all of the fat.  There wasn't that much fat in the broth so I wouldn't worry about it if you aren't following a strict diet.  Shoot, I am not even sure why I bothered with skimming the fat when I ate two boxes of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting. The pants don't lie.

I agree with Cathy - this is a great soup for sharing with friends.  I must share most soups with friends because the definition of eternity is a single girl and a huge pot of soup - even if it freezes well.  I shared this particular soup with a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. She said it was soothing and delicious.  An A+ in my book!

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