Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is Like Painting - HELP ME!

An oil painting instructor once said, "The way you approach a painting is the way you approach life.  You, my friend, believe you can't paint and become extremely frustrated, but you almost always turn out a beautiful work of art."  Yes, that does tend to be the way I approach life with one tweak.  I get a vision, believe it can be done, but as soon as I have sullied the perfectly white canvas - that is when I panic and become frustrated. I'm not great with the transition period.   

Right now I am in the middle of a renovation/redecoration project.  So far I am happy with most of it - although there are places that I know are not right.  The kitchen is one of them. 

Exhibit A & B

Please ignore the appliances that I cannot afford to upgrade right now.  I replaced a tiny white tiled floor with travertine and hunter green laminate countertops with these countertops. LOVE THEM.  Not sure they are photographing that well.  I have this chocolate brown on my fireplace wall in the living room. 

Exhibit C

Please ignore the bookshelves and the lack of a rug that will ground the sitting area.  They have not been addressed yet.  I love the chocolate brown.  The rest of the house is a creamy pink/peachy neutral.  It is soft, soothing, and downright dreamy.  However, the kitchen looks like a dark cave with that dark color on the backsplash area.  I like the dark brown above the cabinets and on the refrigerator wall but not below the cabinets.  Here's my dilemma.  I think I need a backsplash to bring in some interest BUT I can't afford it right now.  So, what do I do in the interim? 

Any and all suggestions are appreciated! One caveat - all of these pictures were taken at night - I have tons of windows so I get a lot of light during the day.
Oh yes, check back because I will provide before and afters when the whole project is finished.


  1. Bethany - don't know how I got to your blog but came across this post and you might want to try to put an inexpensive picture behind the sink (dollar store frame or any cheap frame)filled in with something creative, pretty scapbook paper or even a pretty piece of fabric. That might lighten up the backspash without commitment or money until you are ready to do it permanent.

  2. Sylvia- that is a fantastic suggestion..I just had the same thought last night..I am going to try it..will take pictures and post!