Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where Are Those Coasters?

All the pictures are uploaded and I am ready to go, but my home computer doesn't want to connect to the Internet. Drats.  This is an issue.  Don't give up on me, though. I plan to do some sewing this weekend and hope to have several new things to upload in the next few days. 

I will tell you the back story to the coasters.  I woke-up Saturday morning and I had an itch.  If you are reading DIY blogs, you know the itch. It was that, "I need to do something creative before I jump out of my skin" itch.  The previous week was a bit of a downer.  I was excited about a new guy.  He is adorable.  He makes me laugh but isn't all laughs.  Cute.  Godly. Handy. Creative. He never followed up.  Radio silence.  There was no obligation to follow-up. Just hope. Hope springs eternal.  He did follow-up this week but definitely seems a bit down--sensing he needs some time to process some things in his life.  As my favorite saying goes, "C'est la vie." 

Mother's Day was also hard for me this year. I posted a bit about it here but took it down. Who comes to a lifestyle blog to read down in the dumps drivel?  Not me.  Here's the recap. I want to be a mama.  I am 36.  You do the math. You think the thoughts. There you go.  Saturday, I needed an outlet.

I have this thing.  When I start feeling down, I try to find someone I can bless.  Mother's Day was Sunday and my mind wandered to all of my single mother friends.  These are some committed women.  They work themselves to exhaustion for their children -- some with no support from the father.  I wanted to do something for them on a day when all the Dads out there plan a big show of appreciation for the Moms. I wanted these women to have something from someone who appreciates what they are doing.  I wanted them to know that they are seen and remembered. 

What I really wanted to make was a magnetic picture frame - the ones where you change out the picture just by removing the magnet and then putting a new one on. I couldn't find the tutorial. If you find one, can you post it in the comments?  So, I surfed Tracy's blog and found some adorable coasters.  Perfect. I can make  tons at once and can tailor them for each person.

It was such a great day.  As I made them, I focused my heart on how blessed I am to have time alone with God.  He is so good to me. He loves me so much and lavishes love and care on me constantly.  Although I would like to be married and have children, no one will compare to Him. Ever. As my heart recentered, an excitement grew - I couldn't wait to give these women their gifts and to hug their necks.

Check back and say a little prayer my Internet works tonight!

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  1. Internet connection issues are the WORST! Definitely praying for connection and sending positive vibes your way. You could probably create an entire line of cute handmade things under a C'est la vie label! It's been a while since I cranked up my sewing machine, but you're giving me inspiration!!!