Friday, May 7, 2010

Enjoying the Simple Things...

Whenever the world goes crazy and I get a little down around the edges, I stop and think of all the simple things in life there are to enjoy.  I thought I would share a few today.

Meet Jane - she is an ex-school teacher with grown children who regularly invites children over for a morning of cookie baking, flower watering and crafts.  What fun and what a lifesaver for tired parents or Aunt B on day long excursion with the girls.

I love gardens.  Any and every kind. I don't have much of one right now but love to linger in other people's gardens, enjoying their yard art.


I love my Azalaea (sp?) bush in spring and having my family come to visit.  Oh how a visit from family can brighten my whole month...especially when they are just 2, are learning to talk and wear tiny little sweater vests.

And now, I will exhale and go to bed thinking on these lovely yet simple things.

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  1. What a blessing for you to realize what the good things in life really are... Lezlee