Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Marvelous Mother

I say it over and over but I stand by it – I have the best mother, ever. As she likes to remind me, she is my only mother, but I still am thankful she is the only one I got. She has introduced me to some of the best things in my life, like:

Giving. My Mom has always said that she would have so much more money if she could just hold on to it. As soon as she gets it, she is looking for ways to give it away – through special gifts, little trinkets, donations, or a special dinner for the ones she loves. If she only had $1.00, she would find something fun for someone at The Dollar Store. For some, it is about the act of spending money. For my Mom, it is about the act of giving to others.

Entertaining. Oh how she loves to throw a good party. Planning and preparing for the party are almost as much fun as the party itself. She has taught me the joy in setting beautiful tables, catering to special needs, and making guests feel loved and pampered. Some of my fondest memories have been around her table with the people we love.

Quirky Humor. My friends always guffaw at my mother's witticisms. The best part is that they come out of nowhere and they are quick. 

Writing. I so wish she would write a book. She is one of the most talented writers I know. I can’t hold a candle to her and I get paid to write. I love having my mother on Facebook so that I can see her writing everyday! She has the gift of storytelling. She polishes a story in her mind until it is perfect. Her emails are informative, entertaining, and encouraging. I will always remember her saying, “The one thing I disliked most about your college was that professor who discouraged you from writing.” It has given me the courage to write – knowing that such a talented writer thinks I have a talent that is worth nurturing.

The Value of a Friendly Face. Anyone will approach my mother at anytime. There is something innately friendly about her face – her smile and your eyes show an openness. As one who hung on her leg for her first18 years, I have learned to emulate the same look and I love the way I am greeted by the world.

Whimsy. My mother is whimsical. She loves fun little things and finds just as much joy in a child's toy as she does in the latest technological gadget.  She encouraged us to use our imaginations and to see whimsy in everything.

Jesus Christ. I grieve the years I wasted running from the Lord. However, I receive letters daily at work from people who never heard of Jesus Christ until they turned on the TV or tuned in by radio. One of God’s greatest gifts to me was placing me in the care of parents who loved and feared the Lord. From a very early age, I knew what it meant to know and believe God. My mother never compromised on the Truth that Jesus is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life and that no one comes to the Father but by Him. She has always upheld the Word of God as true, living, and active. I am blessed to have grown up with the Word of God on my mother’s tongue, to have been bathed by her prayers, and to have been released to the care of the Lord because she knows He will complete the good work He has begun.

I love my Mom more than anyone will ever know and I thank God for every year we have together so that I may continue to learn and grow as her daughter. No ONE has a better mother than I do and that’s a FACT!

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