Thursday, April 29, 2010

The World Might Be Mocking Me

I stopped by Beneath My Heart today and saw her encouragement to check-out Poppies At Play for their tour of homes.  Have I mentioned that I love Traci?  Finding her blog was like a cup of cool water.  I am an expert at stalking the design blogs and people who stalk magazines and design blogs, but I had grown weary of finding beautiful design that I couldn't afford and didn't know how to duplicate on my budget. 

One day I stumbled on Traci's blog.  I think I googled 'refinishing an armoire'.  The angels sang and I saw a woman who was decorating on a budget and was teaching me how to do the same. More than that, I think Traci teaches you how to create a home that invites people to stay awhile.  Her stories about her family and the lessons she has learned from her mother, Wanda, are priceless.  Check her blog out if you haven't yet.

While on Poppies at Play, I saw a picture from her tour of homes and there was a settee that was very similar to the one I lost on Craigslist.  It is on All Things Thirfty (a site I am fairly sure will become a favorite).  I mourned again for a moment but then I got really excited that I had a tutorial of what to do if I ever find the right settee, again.  Check it out when you get a minute...the world may be mocking me but I still think I win with this find!

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