Monday, April 26, 2010

Marinated Flank Steak

I am officially in love with the marinated flank steak recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  It is DIVINE.  Tons of flavor and it cooked up perfectly.  I have made it twice and even though I almost smoked myself out of house and home both times I made it, I give it five stars.  I have a hard time cooking beef - I either way over do it or way under do it. Both times I have made this recipe, it came out perfectly. 

Above is Ree's image of her flank steak.  I borrowed it because it looks a lot better than mine. I could trash talk right now but I won't because I have way too much of a crush on her blog and I don't want her to block me...or mock me...or otherwise dismiss me publicly...little ole' me who has no right to trash talk her highness.  And...trash talkin' and ripping off photos don't really go together.

Go, grab your grass fed beef and give it a go.  I would say just go to Winn Dixie and choose any old cow but the food documentaries have spoiled the grocery store for me and I care about my readers. I do.  I care.

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