Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The One That Got Away

I need a settee for my dining room table. The end chairs are a modern version of a wing chair and I  want a settee on one side that offers equally comfortable seating. (check back tomorrow for pictures of the table/chairs - didn't plan my posts well).  The poor people on the other side of the table are out of luck.  Get to dinner early or sit on the uncomfortable side.

I found this settee at Pier 1 that is the exact shape I want...but am not super crazy about the colors:
I refuse to pay full price for a piece of furniture that is not exactly what I want. I will pay $30.00 at Goodwill for one I will makeover but new pieces need to scream PERFECT.  I did find one that was pretty darn close for $25.00 on Craigslist that I could slipcover. I passed it over because I had no way to get it home and I was tired of obligating my friends to tote my stuff.  It is now the one that got away.  Every other settee is antique, victorian, or just plain strange. 

I will continue hunting though.....just needed to grieve the one that got away for a moment first.


  1. I know what you mean. I've watched a few things on Craigslist pass on when I didn't have time to make arrangements and I've mourned them. Or, right now I have buyers remorse on a Craigslist purchase that I'm going to put BACK on Craigslist. LOL

  2. Oh, I know that feeling, too...I have two chairs I purchased at a consignment store for dirt cheap but couldn't stand them when I got home...they are fine for now...but they are going on Craigslist when I have a replacement!