Sunday, August 7, 2011

What to do with Digital Pictures

I have a question.  Digital pictures change everything.  When you broke-up with someone before digital pictures, you packed up their notes and pictures in a shoebox and put them in a back corner of your closet. The only time you found them was when you moved and at that point you decided what to do with them.

Dating in the digital age is different.  Everytime you go in to find a picture to post, you see the pictures of your ex.  What do you do with the pictures? Do you delete them - gone forever?  Do you quarantine them to a space on your computer where you barely ever go and decide what to do with them next time you "move computers"? Do you just leave them where they are as a reminder of the past?

Any thoughts on this one?  Completely fictional scenario, of course?

1 comment:

  1. Stuff them all on a flash drive and store them away. Someday it won't be painful to look at, and might even make you laugh! Or if you use Picasa, you can hide the photos that you don't want to see! Not unlike the Body for Life "before" pictures I don't want to see nor want ANYONE to see, lest they lose their lunch!