Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Perspective is so much of our battle, isn't it?  I will feel great one day, have a spectacular attitude, am excited about life and the next day I can feel dejected and hopeless.  It drives me crazy.

I am not discounting true down periods in life. I have been through them and I have several friends going through them now. There are times when we are legitimately grieving and wounded.  In those moments nothing is worse than hearing, "You just need to focus on what is good. You are very blessed."  It invalidates everything you are feeling.  You would love to feel good and blessed, but your heart is broken and you need time on the bench to heal.  That is totally ok.

What I am thinking about today is general perspective.  I personally think that I was born an optimist.  I see things on the bright side.  I was, however, brought up in a pessimistic environment. I think they would call it being realistic. My family is fantastic - godly, generous, loving, intelligent, and funny...but there is this 'calling it like you see it' thing that tends to focus on the negative.  That little dialogue in my mind is what I learned growing up, but it isn't congruent with who I really am.  It drives me crazy sometimes.

Yesterday was my birthday. It was wonderful. I was full of so much joy and just loved the whole day.  Today I woke-up and started thinking about all that I don't have and may never have.  Talk about a quick downward spiral.
How do I get back to that positive place?  For me, I have to focus on giving thanks to God for all I DO have.  I may not have met my weight loss goals yet - but I have lost 40 pounds.  I may not be married yet - but I am much healthier emotionally than I have ever been and I am surrounded by an amazing family and friends.  I may not have children - but I have many who call me Aunt B and would snuggle me in a heart beat! I may not have the financial freedom to get up and go on vacation - but I have a stable job, paid time off for rest and refreshment, and an understanding leadership team when I need a break.  I have a fantastic life. I am thankful.  Even when my feelings betray me, I will remind myself of the goodness in my life and press ahead knowing that He who began a good work will bring it to completion.

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  1. i love you. you are amazing. thank you for sharing