Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am going to start more home projects. That means this blog is a going concern, again. I realize I am the world's most inconsistent blogger. I am going to work on that..I swear!  This weekend, I am going to paint and organize my bathroom closet.  Please don't get too excited.  It's probably something only my Mom cares about..and I'm not 100% sure she cares about it.  Regardless, I'm doing it.

In the process, I am going to try out a new color for the bathroom.  When I moved in, I painted it a shade that I thought was a super soft, muted blue.  Nope, it's sky/baby blue.  Bright.  Not at all me.  I suppose I should have repainted it then but I had just paid a painter and I wasn't confident enough to try.  Now I am.  So, I figured I would try the new color in the closet.  What color? I have no idea but it is something I plan to figure out by Saturday. I can't spend weeks picking out paint colors - I could never justify that time to Jesus.  I will simply go, pick up a swatch book and go with my gut. 

It's how I roll.

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